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1:1.3.5-0ubunt0ne2.2 not sure if this is even related how are you installing the backports? `sudo apt update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade`? sysop2: what's the difference between the two? monk, anothor interesting qustion why does Lubuntu seem to be a bit more heavy than normal ubuntu for old hardware, with more programs that don't seem to be needed. Like for example the thing is xchat it doesn't seem to be needed in xubuntu PecisRoyx: did your main windows pc get affected by the exploit? Monk, to be clear that's not related to the question. but seems like some important programs have been removed with Lubuntu or Ubuntu Mate the last few lines of dmesg were B0bsF1sh, what's what dist-upgrade, heh, well not dist-upgrade, but you mean upgrade lotuspsychje: yes, i had some updates, but just had to reinstall them because of a kernel panic that followed it run_queue: [read|sender|read_thread|error|write|module|unlink] in /proc/scheduler.




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